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4 Easy Tips for Staying Active While in Lockdown

While you may not be able to stick to your normal daily routine – leaving the house, going shopping, meeting friends for coffee and doing your usual physical activities – you can create a new routine at home which includes alternative ways to keep active while in lockdown.

For example, you can try getting up at the same time every day, doing a workout first thing (more on this to come), taking a shower and making a nice breakfast, if that order appeals to you. There are loads of studies backing up the benefits of routine on positive mental health, and it’s something Mind UK recommends for “staying grounded”. Continue reading for further tips on staying active during lockdown.

Home Exercises as a Family

It’s a good idea to set aside time to do a home workout together. Joe Wicks, also known as The Body Coach, is doing a daily PE lesson live on YouTube at 9am designed for the whole family. These 30 minute at-home workouts will get everyone moving.

There are also lots of other family workouts on YouTube to explore – search for kids’ yoga, kids’ circuit training, kids’ cardio and kids’ workouts for inspiration. You’ll end up doing them along with your kids!

Home Exercise for Grownups

A family workout isn’t for everyone. It might work better for you and your partner if you make exercise your opportunity for a break from the children! You could go out for a walk or run, try a home yoga workout (Yoga with Adrienne offers a huge range of free videos), or do some bodyweight training.

Many online stores can also deliver exercise equipment within a few days of your order. If you know you’ll be missing the gym, this might be an option.

H2: Get Outside for Fresh Air if You Can

Under the current lockdown rules, we’re still able to get outside for an hour every day for a walk or cycle. It’s well worth taking this opportunity – whatever the weather – to prevent cabin fever setting in.

Dance Off All Worries

When anxiety kicks in, how do you typically respond? Do you take a step back and breathe? Leave the room? Turn on some music and dance? According to some psychologists and therapists, dance therapy is one of the most effective responses.

Many therapists who treat anxiety are finding that dance has the potential to act as an effective treatment for anxiety. Do you know that some dance workouts are rated as high intensity interval training? The body has a deep influence on the mind, and vice-versa. Just like running a mile can distract you from the pressures of your to-do list, dance uses expressive movement and breathing to deflate hyper-aroused thoughts.

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