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Telehealth Services

Telehealth Physio Services in Melbourne

Telehealth services give people the opportunity to talk to their doctors and therapists remotely from the comfort of their home. This is an excellent way of maintaining communication if and when you or your health professional can’t travel to see each other in person due to extenuating circumstances. At Physio Melbourne Clinic, we offer telehealth in Melbourne that takes advantage of the latest video conferencing technologies to ensure we can continue supporting our clients with their recovery.

Remote Advice and Assistance

If you’re unable to travel, we are now offering video consultations using FaceTime and WhatsApp. This allows us to begin or continue treatments without unnecessary delay or disruption which can interfere with your progress. A qualified can talk to you remotely to get a history of your pain or injury, assess movement and posture, instruct on special tests and give a diagnosis. We can also provide specific advice, demonstrate self-mobilising techniques and appropriate exercises. Visit www.oncallphysiotherapist.com.au if you’re interested in booking our telehealth physiotherapy.

Compensating for Disruptions

At Physio Melbourne Clinic, we strongly believe that home exercise programs and self-management techniques can help our clients make progress with recovery for a range of various conditions. If your normal physical routine has been disrupted, you may be experiencing joint aches and pains. Or perhaps you’re working from home in a less than ideal set-up which is causing back and neck discomfort. We can address these issues and optimise your work set-up with a video consultation.

Referrals and Reimbursement

To get a referral for telehealth services, you need to visit a GP which can also occur remotely now through GP2U. Your GP will make an assessment and provide a referral. In addition, Medicare can reimburse you for the visit, much like many have done in the past with an EPC visit. Some private health insurers are also coming on board from 14th April 2020.

The Benefits of Telehealth Consultations

Telehealth consultations have revolutionised the way patients and their physicians interact with each other, eliminating the need for house visits or in-clinic appointments. Other benefits include:

  • Improves patient engagement
  • Expands access to care and reaches more patients
  • Increases practice efficiency
  • Cuts travel time and costs
  • Improves healthcare quality
  • Enhances patient satisfaction

Our consultant physiotherapist has extensive experience that makes it possible to identify your problem and provide practical solutions even without physical contact. All you need is a room with privacy, as well as a reliable network connection for your device.

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