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Sports Post-Surgery Consultation

If you’ve suffered a serious sports injury that required surgery to repair, it’s highly likely that you’ll need physiotherapy and rehabilitation to restore natural function and mobility. At Physio Melbourne Clinic, we can provide a sports post-surgery consultation for amateur and professional athletes who need ongoing support, guidance and advice that can get them back to their best. Whether you want to rebuild your strength and agility or re-develop specific skills for your chosen sport, we can help.

Injury-Specific Rehabilitation

Are you asking yourself “where can I get sports physiotherapy near me that offers injury-specific post-surgical rehabilitation?” The therapists at Physio Melbourne Clinic are extensively trained, fully qualified, and highly experienced in helping clients of all ages and backgrounds heal from injuries they’ve sustained at work, on the sporting field or during day-to-day activities.

We make an effort to understand each and every client as the individuals they are with unique requirements. We conduct a sports post-surgery consultation that gives us the opportunity to assess the nature and severity of your condition, learn about your background and medical history, identify your goals, and formulate a tailored rehabilitation plan that will help you achieve those goals.

We pride ourselves on our case-by-case approach. We’ve also earned a reputation for being flexible and adaptive. Our physios work closely with each and every client, modulating and refining their approach based on the response and feedback they receive. If something isn’t working as well as intended, you can rest assured that we’ll find a different approach that works more effectively.

Get Back to Your Best as Soon as Possible

Many orthopaedic surgeons have a strict post-operative schedule for a physiotherapist to follow for a specific time. At Physio Melbourne Clinic, our goal is to ensure that you are continually meeting the orthopaedic surgeon’s expectations. Your physiotherapist will liaise with your surgeon openly and regularly, which allows for individualisation of your post-operative rehabilitation. Whether you’re a sportsperson who wants to return to sport as fast as possible, an employee that’s required to return to work as efficiently and as safely as possible or someone who wants to regain the most function possible following surgery, our rehabilitative therapists can help.

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If you’re asking yourself “where can I find a good sports physio near me who can help restore my strength and mobility?”, you can expect great results from the team at Physio Melbourne Clinic. Speak to us today by calling 1300 341 409 or sending an email.

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